Coffee with CEL

Coffee with CEL is a pioneer project of the Entrepreneurship Cell. It is a talk show wherein E-CELL interviews high profile Industrialists, Start-Up Founders, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and other influential people who can guide, mentor and train the students of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus in their endeavour to build a start-up. The interviews are put up as blogs for people to visit and learn the experiences and thoughts shared by people experienced in Entrepreneurship and Leadership in some way or another.

Operation Launchpad

Operation Launchpad is the platform for the students of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus to come along with their team, being taught about Entrepreneurship, Start-Up culture, Business Model Canvas, Minimum Viable Product and other related requirements. Students come together to brainstorm about their ideas, shaped with the help of mentors and seniors with successful start-ups, and exit with an experience of having their own start-up whether they may succeed or not. This initiative of E-CELL is currently limited to the students of the campus of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus only. We tend to provide all the students with an experience of how the beginning stages of an entrepreneur looks like with or in some cases without actually developing the product. The main aim of the initiative is to let the students gain knowledge about the basic steps that they may take when thinking about starting-up. Though we understand that chaos is sometimes the element that makes a start-up huge but having knowledge about the little things may provide them an edge over the others in certain situations. At the end, the main motto is not to have their focus upon following a specific direction or a pre-set method, it is to teach them the tools that they “may” need in the future. Whether or not they feel the advantages of the same for a particular start-up is upon them. Also when to bring in practice the application of a certain lesson is again something we leave it up to the entrepreneurs. Because if it would be done in the same way as someone else did it, it wouldn’t exactly be a start-up, would it?

Project to Start-up

In recent years, tech startups have become one of the top venture capital investment choices. E-CELL provides the existing technical projects on campus a base to build into a startup and bring them investors in order to promote their idea as well as foster technical and entrepreneurial skills among the students on campus.

Projects On-Campus

Project 1: We are making a custom drone platform based on Atmega328P microcontroller which can deliver low-cost development capabilities to enthusiasts, DIY makers etc. The product cuts down the cost of ardupilot/arducopter hardwares and provides a learning experience into the drone development. This will help people to learn and tinker and not just approach drones as a ready-to-fly platform.
Team members: Parakh M Gupta, Ayush Jain
Project 2: The Aircraft is airplane which can fly at speed of 30 meter per second. The uses of such aircraft is in emergency medicine delivery, package delivery, live video surveillance and police chase. The airplane uses a 2 Lithium ion Polymer battery of 4 AH each. Which gives it a runtime of more than 45 minutes in the air. FAAC can take off and land autonomously. It takes input data from various sensors like accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, GPS, and Pressure sensor. It is meant to be controlled from a host computer via internet.
Team members: Suraj Partani, Sumedha Goyal, Mohit Upadhyay, Madhupreetha, Parav Singla, Harshitha, Shaunak P Raipurkar, Nihal Reddy, Shrenik Nitin Chhajed, Chanakya Nunna, Himanshu Gupta, Samuel Pakalapati
Project 3: The second phase of this RC Aircraft now concentrates on improving the design further, using non-standard modified air foils, a payload bay, and adhering to SAE Aero 17 specifications. We are also planning to move to lighter, stronger and more sophisticated materials, a hollow wing, and mounting of various payloads, including cameras, microcontrollers, and adding a landing gear to make the aircraft model land. Making a microlight aircraft according to international conventions makes it easier to adapt to a wide range of situations and terrains, and can be used as a test-bed for airfoils and payloads.
Team members: Supreet Kurdekar, Akash Mundra, Chandan Kumar, Jayesh Sanwal, Soham Majumder, Sweksha Sinha, Mihir Ojha, Ram Dheeraj, Mradul Yadav
Based on the interest of other working members in the club, additional mentored projects of a sphere drone, micro-quadcopter, and a hovercraft can be planned and presented.
Project 4: We are making a small sized, light weight Quad-copter which can be controlled manually. This project invlolves using nRF modules for communication and the frame is 3-D printed and uses Arduino pro mini to generate PPM signals which act as input to the on-board flight controller.
Team members: Ebin Philip, Sharath Golluri, Vaibhav Balloli, Ravi Bharadwaj C, Sanjo Shaju Manjalay, Ananya K.
This project can be further expanded by changing the mode of communication and use better motors and propellers to carry small sized payload like cameras.
Project 5: The project(SIMS – Smart Inventory Management System) is to maintain an automated system which tracks items in the inventory and give access to only a certain ‘allowed members’ based on their input of what they need. This involves a lot of modules including the fingerprint sensor for the authentication, Wi-Fi module for communication and the Raspberry Pi as the master.
Team Members: Ebin Philip, Arnav Dhamija, Yashdeep Thorat, Airesh Bhat, Akilesh Aluvala.
Project 6: chess-playing robot. This project aims at building a robot which can play chess against human. There is a proper 3D printed,mechanically modelled mechanism with stepperd motors controlling the motion of a vertical freedom of movement which is being controlled by a servo motor and it has a magnet to move the chess coin from below the chess board on it's own based on the Artificial intelligence feed which it gets from the camera feed,which will be processed in AI game engine.
Team members: Ebin Philip, Sharath Golluri, Abhinav kumar,Rajat Bansal, Shyam jesalpura
Project 7: drawing bot Potential product based project. Robot which can draw the images feed to it by converting it to a grey-scale image and the will be converted to a G-code and similar mechanism with a pen will enable it to draw the images on a butter paper.
Team members: Manuj Kushwaha,Ebin Philip, Swarali Patil,Rajat Bansal.
Project 8: Drones.
Making an autonomous outdoor drones. Presently working with Ardupilot and CC3D flight controllers. Stepping stones for making it autonomous using Ardupilot has begun and in progress.
Team members: Sharath Golluri, Arnav Dhamija, Vaibhav Balloli, Ravi Bharadwaj C

Skill Development Course

E-CELL aims to collaborate with various technical associations and/or clubs on campus in order to provide a one month course outline for the students of campus which consists of all the basic skills that an entrepreneur requires and must polish to succeed.

Peer Learning

E-CELL believes in spreading knowledge through learning from each other and this project is based on the same motive.